Meeting 844

Fellow Werribeeans,

Last night’s meeting 844 was unusual as we were almost outnumbered. Almost but not quite! Eleven members were present and also 10 guests and a former member visited us. This gave the meeting an unusual flavour.

Nevertheless, we keep going forward.
Last week we farewelled a member who is moving out of the area, Gavin, but today we welcome our newest addition to Werribee Toastmasters gang (I was going to say brotherhood, but why not sisterhood? thus I settled on gang), Sahi.

Sahi will be formally inducted to our club at our next meeting when she will also do the grunt counting. At the break or whenever you can, please say g’day and welcome her to the club.
The award for Best Evaluator went to Patti(again!) and Paul as best Speaker.

Daniel, VPE