Meeting 850

Hello, Fellow Werribeans,

Last night we held meeting 850; a nice round number product of 31 years when our club has been helping women and men from the southwestern side of town to develop into a better version of themselves.

This meeting was also our second online, adjusting ourselves to these new strange days of COVID-19 and all its consequences. In my opinion, online meetings are not nearly as interesting nor do have the personal impact of in-person meetings. Nevertheless, they are still interesting and have value for those of us participating. They show our collective resilience and our will to remain connected.

The meeting was attended by 13 members, a guest, Val, a friend of Elena M, and a visitor, Greg B, Area Director N31.Meeting Toastmaster was Rajesh M, who with his usual affability guided us through the evening. Kumar B, one of our newest members and recently appointed to the vacant VP Membership seat, conducted the Table Topics. His questions were challenging but fun. By the way, how I wish I had received the first question: What would you do if you were a butterfly!

Area Director Greg B, then ably evaluated the topics. He was encouraging, supporting and offered positive points of improvement. After a short toilet/stretching break, we resumed proceedings with two excellent speeches. Elena M. spoke from and advances manuals of the Legacy program about the challenges and benefits of delegating. Clare M spoke about leadership styles, which ones she preferred, and how important is to respect the other person when you communicate.

The speech evaluators were Cynthia D and Daniel I. Both offered valuable insights, warm support, and suggestions for improvement.

Yaseen M challenged our listening skills with an interesting set of questions. Sahi S reported on our use of those ungrammatical sounds we often utter when we speak. Hamed K, our timekeeper for the day, reported on the time used by our Table Topics, prepared speeches and evaluators.

Finally, Patti K did the General Evaluation giving feedback on general items and then she followed on her role as President to close the meeting.

Meeting awards, as voted by those present, were:
Best Table Topic — Golsa A
Best Evaluator — Greg B

Our next meeting (852) is on the fifth Wednesday of the month. This means that a week later we’ll hold meeting 853. Meeting 853 on 6 May will see our members electing the club executive for 2020–2021. Elections are held in May so the new club officers can be trained in June or early July and be ready to take the reins on 1 July.

All members in good standing can nominate or be nominated for the seven executive positions, in order of seniority: President, VP Education, VP Membership, VP Public Relations, Treasurer, Secretary, Sgt-at-Arms. If you wish to nominate yourself or someone else for any position (including the ones with nominations), please send the nomination to Club Secretary, Clare M.

Daniel, VPE