Outgoing President's Message

I have arrived in Australia several years ago as an international student reading for bachelor of computer science and mathematics. I found myself a quick wit nervous when it came to impromptu speaking compared to my mother tongue. Few of my colleagues and my professional mentor mentioned about how toastmasters can improve the quality of delivering a speech not only in office presentations but also in social events such as a speech on a wedding ceremony or even prepare for a good job interview. Since then I have come long way improving my leadership skills thanks to Werribee Toastmasters Club.

I joined Werribee Toastmasters Club over three years(2015) ago. Within few months I got the opportunity to serve the club official as club secretary, and was soon asked to take over the role of Vice President Education, VPE.  This is a very engaging role that involves organising meeting agenda and helping fellow members to advance through their manuals. Regularly getting in touch with few dozens of members and guests and organizing meeting roles is quite challenging but certainly it did improve my management and people skills. I’m very thankful to my fellow members and support they have given and also, I’m quite impressed with our clubs’ support to let young members rise and take leadership.

I found Werribee Toastmasters club a very welcoming place to not only improve public speaking and leadership skills, but also an excellent productive environment to socialize and meet new people and exchange life experiences and learn new things. We are always open for guests to visit our meetings. As we have members coming from various backgrounds we have so many interesting speeches. Speeches varying from ‘Backyard Beekeeping’ to ‘Getting married in India’ to ‘Heart in terms of its structural integrity.

As outgoing president for 2017/18 I’m quite happy to celebrate our achievement during my tenure.
  • We were able to reach 8 goals new members get 'Select Distinguished' Ribbon for the club, we were just only one short of highest 'President Distinguished' Ribbon.
  • We had recruited 8 new members to the club.
  • We had 5 members complete there CC manuals this year; Chih, Paul, Peter, Udana and Wendy and another 4 member very close to completing CC. 
  • We had 1 member (Udana) complete there Leadership manual
  • We had 1 member (David) complete there Advanced Leadership manual
  • May and Wendy for their continual work with the youth leadership program @ Westbourne Grammar, Seaholme Primary, and Point Cook Senior College. Well done and congratulations 
  • Wendy and May on your joint, long standing and continuing effort of helping to enhance the speaking skills and self-confidence of young people in Melbourne’s West.
  • We have had 3 out of 4 area contest awards won by our club members.
    • Humorous Speech Contest - Venky S.
    • Table Topics Speech Contest - Greg H.
    • International Speech Contest - Venky S.
    • With Venky proceeding across to the National contest with his Humorous Speech
  • With Pauls great organising skills, he successfully secured and organised 2 Bunnings sausage sizzles for recruiting and promoting the club in the west.
  • The launch of Pathways where we had members from other clubs come and provide us a walk through of how it is used compared to the old manuals. 
  • We have Celebrated 30th Anniversary with a special meeting
  • We have celebrated 800th meeting with a special meeting
  • We have celebrated our newly appointed committee with a special dinner meeting.
  • During this time we were able established werribeetoastmasters.org and launch new website and keep updated with averaging more than 2 articles per month. Our VPM Paul's contribution of meeting wraps were outstanding. We had about 12000 page views last year.
  • We had more than 100 guest visits in the past year.
  • We were able to improve on online collaboration and enhanced the rostering and agenda generation for VPE.
  • Club Awards for year (2017/18)
    • Best Speaker Award Elena M.
    • Best Evaluation Award DTM Wendy P.
    • Best Table Topics Master Award Greg H.
Last year (2016/17) as acting President and VPE I have selected Paul H. as the toastmaster of the year considering for his organizational help and so many little contributions to the club. This year (2017/18) as the Club President I have selected toastmaster of the year, Peter K. Perter has significantly improved as a member, His role as Treasurer he delivered beyond expectations. By taking Treasurer role Peter has tremendously improved his skills on technology especially with the online tools we are using for managing our club. Peter is very reliable and deliverable he also completed his CC manual as well. 
I'd like to thank for the enormous support given to me by club officials and all of the club members. I'm quite lucky to be a member of skill rich club like Werribee Toastmasters and get help from many members in advanced levels including 3 DTMs and one charter member. Having a charter member for club more than 30 years old is quite significant. I'd like to thank Our Area Director Debbie H. and Northern Division Director Clare B. for their support and attending few events we had in this year.

Udana A.
Outgoing Club President for 2017/18
30 Jun 2018