Meeting number 800 - Reunion

After 30 plus years Werribee Toastmasters is still going strong. Our 800th meeting started with a colorful opening by our very own town crier Paul Von Harder. Meeting was vividly colored by honorable past and currentt members of the club. Today's theme was Reunion, a perfect theme for the night. Today we had a different meeting than usual. We altered the agenda to fit more speeches and table topics. We had 7 speeches and 6 table topic speeches in total. On this meeting our speeches were mainly focused on club's history and personal experience. Out timing were officially 5 - 6 minutes, However we had rather relaxed time limits for the speeches. I volunnteered to do the timing for the event.

On This special meeting, Meeting Toastmaster Chih and  Sergeant at Arms David did excellent job, behind the curtain as well. David G facilitate the table topics with mixure of riddles and topics related to the meeting theme. First table topic was most memorable reunion for Ramya A. 'How did you handle a unexpected reunionn' was a perfect match for Patty K. Patty explained how she met her birth mother after more than half a century for the first time. Third table topic was for Arun Raman, this table topic was based on a riddle 'What walks on four legs in the morning , two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the eveining' rather than solving  the commonnly known riddle Arun took us to wonderful place of  mythycal creatures and mysterious places. Paul got the riddle 'When is door is not a door' this was a piece of cake for Paul, He also extended his topic to new level describing his reunion with his own son who is older than him. 'I have eyes but I cann't see, I live in the dark but I grow with light' riddle went for Peter K, who delivered a great table topic with lots of humour. Last table topic 'Experience in odd reunion' went to area contest winner of table topics, our own Greg H.

Our former member and President(2008) Tedd Powell, DTM opened the speeches with  a great speech on comparing Australia now and then, presenting his views on various areas, economy, migration and population growth, crime and property.

Charter member Bruce Bedson's delivered a quite humorous speech on his experience from meeting number 1 to 800 meetings and most of the milestones between. He went for nearly 15 minutes sharing his experience. As the time keeper I had to ring the bell and flick the red light for Bruce.

Next Speeches were from May Wilson, DTM (President 1996, 2005, 2006) and followed by Wendy Powell, DTM(President 2000, 2011, 2012) who light heartedly remembered the club history and wonderful memories. Next Area director Debbie Rose celebrate this special occasion followed by beautiful speech by our northern division director Claire Bunworth. Clair explained the gift she received from the Toastmasters, how she has improve her professional work and how it helped her to climb up the ladder.  Kylie, one of the past member and Bruce Bedson's daughter, delivered a speech on how she grew up with the club, how much she benefited from the club and how she won an interview thankfully to toastmasters.

Our Imediate past president Elena morandini delivered the general evaluation. As the club president I was hounered to handover table topics awards abetween tie Peter K and Patty K and best speech award went for Claire bunworth. After I closed the official meeting we had a wonderful gatherinng enjoying fingerfood and wine. Paul was very merry therefore I decided to do the meeting wrap for him for this meeting. 

Udana Abeypala
Club President
May 2nd, 2018