Meeting No.792 'Tasks'

Our 1 st meeting of the 2018 Calendar year was a fun and fast-moving affair and with a very
pleasing seven Guests in attendance.

David G was our Toastmaster and coordinated the evening with his usual aplomb and good
humour ………. a prime example of Toastmastership, well done David
In May’s absence, Daniel I provided the Thought of the Day, as follows: “Books are the bees
that take one intelligence to another”, sorry I did not record who the original creator of that
gem of wisdom was.

Carol M gave us a real pearl as the Word of the Day = Novaturient. My Word app struggles
with this word, in fact it does not recognise it, but the structure of the word indicates ‘of the
new’ an excellent WOTD to start the New Year. Carol’s challenge was well taken-up by
everyone but the person using it the most was Daniel I.

Our illustrious VP Education Chih, took-on the role of Table Topics Master and provide 5
challenging questions around the nights theme of Tasks. Table Topics is a segment which
helps us ‘think on our feet’ and we had some excellent responses to Chih’s posers. I often
question whether Guests should be asked Table Topics questions on the ground that even
experienced Members find Table Topics daunting at times. However, Chih dispelled my
reservations by inviting one of our Guests, Zalak, to speak on the subject of Procrastination.
I think it fair to say that Zalak astounded all of us by standing-up in front of 20 or so people
and giving a poised, confident and well-structured speech …….. many of the more
experienced Members would have been proud to match Zalak’s performance. Well done
Zalak, I hope we see more of you, in anticipation of what you can demonstrate with more

We had five speeches scheduled, but four apologies. Fortunately, Venky S had a speech
prepared and was able to step forward to save the day.
Wendy P presented a speech entitles “It’s Only A Box” a delightful and absorbing speech
about an old box (which turned-out to be a gentleman’s writing cabinet). As a person who
appreciates the high quality of antique workmanship, I recognised the beautiful
craftsmanship of this box and have to say it’s quality surpasses anything that is made in this
day and age and is a fine example of British wood working skill. Yes, it’s only a box Wendy,
but a family heirloom beyond price.

Venki gave us an animated speech in the humorous vein on the subject of how to respond
to a spouses loaded question. The question he addressed was ‘Darling do you think this
dress makes me look fat?’ Venky accurately detailed how this question is answered was
probably the 1st step in the break-up of many marriages.

I was allotted the easiest task of the night in evaluating Venky’s speech. Simple, how can
you critique excellence!!! Still I did my best and was thrilled to be awarded Evaluator of the
night. As they say in England, that was ‘money for old rope’. LOL

Daniel #2 was our Harkmaster (the section that probes whether we have been listening).
Daniel posed some well-directed questions and it was interesting to note that all were
answered correctly. Not only a good-looking audience but one that listens also!!

Carol was Grammarian and WOTD Master. She found our grammar practically faultless and
as mentioned previously awarded Daniel I, as the person using Novaturient the most.
Greg H officiated as Ah Counter and I have to say how happy I was when Greg said he was
surprised that I uttered Ah or Err seven times during the night …………. a big improvement on
my early days average of around FORTY such faux pas. Yaaay!!!

Timekeeper for the night was Peter K, who started off being a little apprehensive because it
was his first time in the role. Peter produced one of the best Timekeeper’s reports, very
detailed and concise. Maybe that was a first for you Peter, but I’m sure your performance
has earnt you many repeat performances. Well done Peter.

President Udana concluded the meeting and closed it only slightly past the 9.30pm target.


Please note in your dairies and/or forward programmes, that we have a Bunnings
fund raising Sausage Sizzle booked for Saturday 23 rd June. This is a golden
opportunity for the Club to more than meet rising costs without having to raise
membership fees. I will issue a manning roster closer to the date.

Only two Guest’s Welcome Folders were available on the night, so I’ll will send info
PDFs by email to: Willi R, Kaushal B, Mujtaba S and Fawzana T.

President Udana mentioned that the time is coming for members to step-up and
think about nominating for Management Committee roles for the 2018 -2019 year.

We are approaching Werribee Toastmasters milestone 800th meeting.
Can I suggest that we all have a think about how we celebrate this special event?
Please sent thoughts and ideas to President Udana

Membership of Werribee Toastmasters is not a destination, it is a journey to be enjoyed.

Paul von Harder
VP Membership