Meeting No.734 'Humorous and Evaluation speech contests'

Last night we had a wonderful meeting 734, holding the Humorous and Evaluation speech contests.

The Humorous Speech contest saw Rajesh as winner and Paul as runner up. They both will represent the club in the upcoming area contest on November 21.

The Evaluation contest saw Wendy as winner, Vivek runner up and Rajesh as third.

Congratulations to all contestants on making it a special night.

Thanks also to our judges, Tracey, DTM and District 73 Director, Heather, DTM from Satdy Arvo club, Brenton and Damien from Footscray Skyline club, Ray and Joanne from Williamstown club and Julie, from Aero Speakers club and Norther Division Director. Test Speaker was Jeremy Scott(, from Williamstown and Footscray Skyline clubs, with a wonderful speech titled “Dream and Believe”. We thank you all for your wonderful contribution to our contests.

We are also saying goodbye to a few members who have decided for several reasons not to renew their memberships.

In order of membership, we say farewell to Erika, CC, Vivek and Gangani. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours and know that we’d be delighted to have you back at any time if you so desire.

Next meeting is next week, only six days away, and you can find the program attached. Note that because the program is designed to be folded, what you see in the first page is the welcome and the Forward Program. The actual program for meeting 735 is on page 2.

Please check the Agenda and let me know if you find that for any reason you cannot fulfil a role, so we can find a replacement in time.

At this meeting we will be inducting two new members: Darren and Sree. When you see them please say hello and welcome them to the club. But wait, there’s more. It is quite possible that we’ll have 2 more inductions. We’ll let you know.

Regards to you all, and always remember to keep enjoying the good things in life.

Daniel Iglesias