Meeting 845

Fellow Werribeans,

We had another dynamic meeting last night.
As usual, we had a few “first time” at the meeting. It was the first time we approved minutes posted on line, rather than printing them for the meeting. Thanks to our Secretary Clare for this initiative. Members will need to check the accuracy of the minutes on the club Google Drive once Clare sends us a notice.

The Business Session was well handled by club Pres, Patti and we promptly moved to the Educational Session and a second “first time” with our Club Treasurer, Cynthia taking up the role of Meeting Toastmaster.

Congratulations Cynthia on a job well done. Having the Agenda on the whiteboard didn’t help her because she had to keep looking over her shoulder. Yet, she kept cool, calm and collected and connected the segments with a smile on her face, explaining the segments.

Yassen was responsible for not one but two “first times”: First time in charge of the Round Robin and First time as Table Topics Evaluator.

After the break, our newest member (so far), Sahi was not only welcomed to our club, she was also in charge of Ah-counting for the “first time”.

Congratulations to all our “first timers”! Toastmasters is a “learning by doing” program and just like you cannot learn to play the guitar without “playing the guitar” you cannot learn the skills of public speaking and communications without speaking in public and communicating.

We had three marvellous speakers on the night. First off the rank was Patti with her Pathways Icebreaker speech. Although she is an experienced speaker, she was also speaking for the “first time” in her Path. This was an emotional speech where she told as about growing up as an adoptee and finally, only a few short years ago, finding and reconnecting with her birth mother and her blood sister and brother.

Nirupama (Rupa to her friends) spoke about the Fury of Fire, something close to all Australians right now.

Clare closed the roster of speakers with her “first speech” on level 2 of her path. She explained how all leadership styles are needed depending on the time and stage of a project and she gave us the example of the 2021 Census.

We had 8 or 9 guests and at least 3 have expressed their desire to join us within my hearing distance. I can say with confidence that exciting times are ahead for the club.

The voting by members and guests produced these results:

Best Table Topic: Stephen
Best Evaluator: Paul
Best Speaker: Patti

Congratulations to Stephen, Paul, and Patti!

Daniel, VPE