Meeting No.762 'Aim for the Stars'

Elena our President‘s sad loss weighed heavily on Members during our meeting number 762.

Atinder was an apology, which meant we could not access the storage cupboard, so we had to conduct the meeting without the timing equipment, the lectern and gavel etc. Worst of all, I had to endure the tea-break with only green tea to drink!! I did console myself however, with the thought that 1.3 billion Chinese can’t be wrong!

Udana carried-out the Toastmaster role with aplomb and confidence, David did extraordinarily well as Sergeant at Arms, minus the attention gaining gavel. 
 Arun did an amazing job of juggling the Timekeepers role (with no electronic aids)as well as General Evaluator and any other job that no-one else wanted. Magnificent work Arun and an inspiration to us lesser mortals!.

It was very pleasing to see EIGHT Guests. Welcome to Christina, Martin, Daniel, Vick, Ramya, Bol, Mangar and Juma hope you enjoyed last evenings meeting and we’d love to see you again.

Theme for the night was Aim for the Stars and Arun provided a complimentary WOD = Aspiration. Without meaning to blow my own trumpet (well, not much anyway) I believe I took-out the most usage of the WOD by using it at least 50 to 100 times. OK, OK, I exaggerate, but I’m writing this and I’m awarding myself a degree of creative licence!!!!              . Hmmmmm.

Winner of the Table Topics category was Chih who treated us to a highly imaginative tale of how he wore a wheelbarrow on his head in order to ward-off sunburn. Well done Chih, can I recommend my Psychologist !!!LOL

Speakers were David, Hiren and Chih and Evaluators were Wendy, Arun and Bruce ……. definitely a hat-trick of Evaluation excellence.

The Best Speaker award was a tie between David and Chih.

New Member Jacqueline did her best to disrupt the meeting with a coughing fit and managed to take herself out of the room just as I was about to call an ambulance.
In all, I think it was a productive meeting despite our hearts being understandably heavy.

Again, I ask all members to remember that Toastmasters is not a destination, it is a journey. Please make every effort to attend meetings ……… you know you will enjoy and benefit from it.

Thank you to all attendees and remember that if you are listed to carry out a duty or role on the meeting of the 16th, please advise Udana if you are unable to attend.

Paul von Harder