Meeting No.761 'Aha Moments'

A sparsely attended meeting, but a good and lively one.

We welcomed guests Ross and Jacqueline.

Our President, donated a wonderfully creamy and succulent cake on the occasion of her 25th birthday ( er, hummmm)….. because of the low number of attendees, we really had to apply ourselves to the task of consuming it, but consume it we did!

Sara gave her Icebreaker speech with nary an er or ah, and was awarded with Speaker of the night. Well done Sara on overcoming your nerves and on completing this important first step for all persons new to Toastmasters.

Wendy treated us to a presentation speech on Evaluation and what better person to talk on the art of Evaluation than the master, or should I say Mistress, of Werribee Toastmasters evaluation.

I was given the daunting task of evaluating Elena’s speech, this was my 1st formal evaluation and much to my surprise was awarded Best Evaluator.

Elena formally inducted our newest member Sara, into Werribee Toastmasters.
Good luck Sara on your Toastmasters journey, we know you will find it a personally rewarding experience.

David carried-out the important task of timekeeper and summarised his allotted task with his inimitable flair and of course precision.

Chih stepped-up to the role of Toastmaster with his ever-reliable enthusiasm and ability, but I have to say his effort was marred by his forgetting to bring Elephant to the meeting. LOL.

I’ve found the Werribee TM’s Guide to Meetings Handbook invaluable in clearly defining the various roles we are sometimes asked to perform, sometimes at short notice, and highly recommend reading it.

Can I remind everyone (in the nicest possible way of course) that Toastmasters is a journey not a destination. I firmly believe that no matter how experienced we are, our journey continues, with many personally rewarding benefits along the way.

Thank you to all that enthusiastically contributed to the meeting on the XX XXX.

Paul von Harder