Meeting No.763 'Airplanes'

A well attended meeting, but one that featured only two speakers, Arun and Yours Truly.

David our Toastmaster for the night also adopted the role of Sergeant at Arms.

Welcome back to Daniel after a few weeks overseas.

Arun was the stand-in Table Topics Master and his theme reflected the meetings Theme of the Night: Aeroplanes.  To me the most notable aspect of the meetings Table Topics was that one of our five Guests, the first-time Harshal, volunteered to tackle a question. As we all know, standing in front of an audience for the first time is a daunting experience, but Harshal exhibited excellence self-control and delivered his thoughts with confidence and with a strong and measured voice. Well done Harshar, a difficult task delivered with aplomb.                                                                           

Arun treated us to an impromptu, but well delivered speech around air flow affecting modern aircraft, the what and why of air pockets and turbulence and the latest intention of Sir Richard Branson to build and put in service a high speed airliner that will cut the trans-Atlantic travel time to around three and a half hours.

Second time Guest David volunteered to be Timekeeper for the night ….. usually a role conducted by an experienced member. And it was an amazing thing to see someone so new to Toastmasters accept this key role. Thanks Daniel and well done on handling the role so well.

 Yours Truly spoke on the dangers of Global Warming to all of us and what each of us can do to help not only Planet Earth, but in the final analysis, ourselves.
This was my eighth speech toward the Competent Communicator level.
The speech called for the inclusion of an audio-visual component. Normally I follow the good practice of rehearsal, in this instance I was not able to prepare as comprehensibly as usual and my presentation reflected that.
Hopefully the shortcomings of my speech, notably in the area of incorporating audio visual aids, will aid others when preparing a speech. Learn from my experience and rehearse, rehearse and when you’ve done that, rehearse again.

In addition to Harshal and Daniel we again welcomed Ramya,  Vick and Ross and the first timer, Peter.

Ross, Daniel, Ramya and Vick, all advised their intention to become members, so it will be good to see all four formally inducted at the next meeting.

In summary another good meeting and thanks to all that stepped-up to the re-allocated roles on the night.

Paul von Harder