Meeting No.783 'International and Table Topics Speech Contest'

A big attendance to this week’s meeting, with it being one of our twice-yearly Speech Contests.

We welcomed a stellar contingent of Toastmasters from other Clubs, who were our Judges for the night.

Additionally, we welcomed five Visitors, three of them being fellow Point Cookers …… lovely to meet you and hope to see more of you in future.

The Contest night consisted of two key segments, Table Topics and International Speeches.

Table Topics contestants were; Venki, Peter, Hiren, Greg and Carol.
Udana our Club President asked each whether the Werribee Clubs website is of value.
Carol (one of the Club’s newer members) took the honours, exhibiting her usual composure and strong personal presence in the face of spritited opposition. Well done Carol.

The International Speech contestants comprised David (our Club Sergeant at Arms) Chih (Club VP Education) Venki and Yours Truly (Club VP Membership).
Due to me not being in the room to hear Chih and David’s speeches, I did not have the pleasure of hearing their efforts, but I’m confident they gave polished performances.
Venki took the honours with a masterful presentation entitled The Man In The Mirror. His speech gave us the good advice to look in the mirror when life or relationships are not going well.
I have to say, that Venki gave such a polished, confident and animated speech (aided by his strong and mellifluous voice) that if he ever decided to give-up his career in IT, he could probably make an excellent living on the International Speaking circuit.
My just saying ‘well done’ seems almost inadequate in summarising Venki’s performance. If ever I’m competing against him in future, I feel I may have to resort to gamesmanship, maybe even spiking his tea, if I’m ever to overcome his ability.
I feel I can only offer Venki one piece of good advice ………. In future, be sure to keep a close eye on your tea !!! LOL.

Between each contest and as a time filler during the Judges deliberations, Udana conducted a Round Robin segment on the timely subject of Spring.

Thank you to the Judges, for their time and input into making the Contest night such a success.

Just a reminder, the Club’s Humorous and Evaluation Contest night will be held on the 20th of this month and our next meeting will be this coming Wednesday the 6th September.

Finally, I feel Udana’s efforts in up-dating the Club’s website is worth a mention. Udana has spent a lot of time and effort recently on this important aspect of Werribee Toastmasters presentation. I sure all of us would agree the result of all his hard work is impressive. The website is clean and bright, simple to navigate, informative and a credit to Udana’s ability and vision.

Paul von Harder
VP Membership

“Werribee Toastmasters is not a destination, it is a journey to be enjoyed”