Meeting No.782 'Consciousness'

A smaller meeting than meeting 781, but as always lots of education, interest and fun.

We welcomed Visitiors Stuart, Raji, Heman  Rayana and Patti  ……. trusting you found your visit up to expectations and hope to see you again.

Our Toastmaster for the night was Daniel I, who applied his huge experience to running the night smoothly and to schedule.

Daniel also hosted the Robin Master segment and invited the audience to talk on their thoughts on ‘Concience’ ……… as usual some interesting responses.

Greg hosted table Topics and asked questions around the subject of Immigration  and Growth…… Has it been good for Australia? Is Australia a good Global Citizen? Should infrastructure be built before population? Greg enhanced the segment by getting various speakers to answer in either the negative or the positive.

Two of the scheduled four speakers were unable to attend, but we were treated to two interesting speeches from Carol M and Peter K.
Carol spoke about the delights of Malta as a holiday destination. Warm weather, blue sea, afternoon siesta and evening party time. Carol also gave us a sprinkling of interesting facts about Malta ……….. such as don’t go there expecting Freeways, outside the main populated areas the roads are very basic, Malta’s 1st bus was only introduced in 2012 and that Malta’s language is a mixture of French, Italian and Arabic.

Our 2nd speaker, the always enthusiastic Peter K was so impressed with Carol’s that in his speech on Basic Thinking he equalled Carol on the times he mentioned Malta. Peter bolstered his talk with plenty of clear visual messages which he posted on the whiteboard. Well done Peter who is rapidly progressing through his Competent Communicator programme ……..  I’m sure we are all looking forward to his 6th speech.

Our Visitor from Queensland Patti, gave a masterful evaluation and consequently took out both the Speaker and Table Topics best Evaluator awards ….. well done Patti.

 Venki stepped up at late notice to take on the Harkmaster role and asked some tight questions. This important segment is aimed at testing our listening skills and Venki masterfully got us all searching our memories and hoping he would not select us for answers!!

General Evaluator Bruce nicely summed-up the evening and advised us not to be Lecturn Phobic. Bruce firmly believes the Lecturn is there for a reason and if you have notes for example, then it is good to use it.

Thank you everyone for contributing to another great meeting.

Paul von Harder
VP Membership

“Werribee Toastmasters is not a destination, it is a journey to be enjoyed”

Note; In order to address privacy concerns, I’ve purposely not mentioned surnames in this Wrap. Also President Udana has requested that I as soon as possible include future Wraps in our website. So keep watching for that initiative which I’ll inaugurate as soon as my IT skills allow.

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