Meeting number 795 - Adventures

The meeting started on time as usual and despite the few apoligises we received, we had a good amount of members step up and volunteer for roles. In addition, we had four guests for the evening; Hassan, Laith, Aluel and Arun.

The Meeting Toastmaster for the evening was Peter, who also gave us the round robin which started us off with many adventures and experiences shared. The most humorous one goes to the adventure experienced by Hassan, when he was out one night, driving in the car with no petrol station in sight, and then the low petrol light suddenly sparked on in his car. One hell of an adventure that most can relate to at least once in their lifetime.

A special mention goes out to Jacquelene, who volunteered for Thought of the day and the table topics even though she was already performing a speech. The average toastmasters would of felt overwhealmed, but not Jacquelene. She delivered very well thought out questions even though it was prepared with very short notice and involved  all the guests so that they were able to participate in the improptu table topic's segement. Well done Jacquelene.

We had 2 speeches for the night delivered by David and Jacquelene. David gave us a abstract speech on a great book that he read about the characteristics of the politicians in the past and Jacquelene delivered a speech about how we need to pay more attention to our real life friends as opposed to our social media network. Both entertaining speeches, which were complemented with valuable evaluations from both our Daniels (Daniel I and Daniel B).

The Harkmaster report did wake everyone up, as I made sure that the questions were asked before the victim was chosen to answer the question. All in all, it did prove that everyone was awake and alert as all questions were answered. I also delivered the report for which recorded Greg repeating the word of the day (Experience) the most times in the night, a total of 6 times. The Ah counter report was provided by Heman, followed by the Timekeeper report by Greg.

Udana, the club president, gave us his general evaluation on the night as a whole, and listed some very easy to follow points of improvement. Our club President also presented the best evaluator of the night" Daniel B, and best Table Topics of the night: Laith. Good work to both of you and those who participated in those segments and provided the competition that made the voting decision so much more harder!

Looking forward to another eventful meeting in Meeting number 796. See you all then.