Meeting No.770 'Caterpillars'

A very pleasing and notable aspect of last Wednesday’s meeting was that we welcomed SEVEN visitors.
Bruce did his best to be not seen by hiding in a corner of the room, however his plan was wrecked by his wearing a colourful Hawaiian shirt ……. effectively this ensured he was noticed, probably more than any other attendee!!!!
A quorum was not established and therefore no meeting minutes recorded.

Chih reminded everyone that membership fees are due, payment can be made by cash on the night, or preferably by electronic transfer. WTM bank details are:
BSB 633- 000.  Account number 127108116

Our theme of the night was CATERPILLARS and we were treated to some delightful Table Topic insights into these creepy crawlies and how their various stages of metamorphosis into butterflies can impress people.

Daniel I got us all thinking with his Word of the Day QUIXOTIC, meaning impractical, excessively romantic, impulsive, dreamy.

We were treated to three Prepared Speeches from Daniel B (referred to through the night as Daniel Junior, Daniel the Second and a number of adaptations around that theme), Ramaya and May W.

Daniel gave us Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) tips and ideas on how to remember people’s names. As a firm believer in the value of NLP to personal advancement, I for one am looking forward to hearing more from Daniel the Second on this subject in his future speeches.

Ramaya gave a wonderfully confident Icebreaker, indicating that despite an outward appearance of shyness, she does in fact have nerves of steel. Her performance won her a well-deserved Best Speaker Award, especially against very tough opposition.

May, one of WTM’s longest serving members, spoke on the personal benefits she has gained from her Toastmasters journey.

Each of our speakers were evaluated by Evaluators Extraordinaire, Daniel Number One (Daniel I), Wendy Powell and Shridhar. Each gave masterful evaluations, reflecting each of their years of experience in Toastmasters.

In conclusion, another well attended eventful and enjoyable meeting.

May W made the point in her speech, that as well as gaining in confidence and speaking ability, she has gained enormously from helping others emerge from caterpillars to beautiful butterflies in their speaking ability and personal growth.

New, older and intending members alike, please remember that Toastmasters is a journey, not a destination and no matter how much we believe we know, attendance to T.M meetings is like life itself, full of learning experiences and the rewarding opportunity to give to others.

Good luck and good speaking

Paul von Harder