Meeting No.775 'Fitness'

Apologies for not getting this Wrap out sooner, my busted knee means even simple chores like getting dressed takes far longer than normal. And my list of things to do seems to grow by the day.

Meeting 775  was  less well attended than normal, but it was fast moving and fun.
Apologies noted were, Elena, Wendy, May, Hiren, Julie, and Ramesh.

The Business session saw new member Peter K nominated and elected as Treasurer for the 2017 -2018 year.
The minutes of Peter’s appointment, plus the minutes of meeting 774 will be tabled for acceptance in the Business session of meeting 780, 7th July.

The Theme of the meeting was Fitness and fittingly the Word of the Day was Run. It was pleasing to see everyone using the WOD so much and in such good humour.

Udana our Table Topics Master posed some interesting questions on the Fitness theme and evoked some equally interesting answers:

·       David gave us his views on the value of fitness and diet
·       Carol in her usual confident manner spoke on the value or otherwise of modern gadgets in keeping fit.
·       Sridhar spoke on the need to balance fitness activity within everyday life.
·       Dineth a Guest told us his views on whether exercise is better either outdoors or inside.

Despite such tough competition Dineth was awarded best Table Topics Speaker.

Our Area Director was expected to attend and was listed as a Speaker, but in fact did not attend, meaning we had only two Speakers, David and Peter. Peter a Taekwondo afficianado underscored his speech titled Fitness The Bedrock of Quality Living by dressing in his martial arts suit (red belt and all)  ….an effective touch. David spoke on a Healthy Lifestyle.

All  Watchkeepers presented concise reports and within their allotted times. Nimesh shocked me to the core when giving his Ahh Counter report, by scoring me in the high 50s!!! And I thought I was progressing so well by recording around 3 Ahhs at recent meetings. By way of self-consolation, I note that  ex U.S President Obama, is a frequent user of Ahhs and Errs ……… so I think I’m in good company. Hmmmmm!!

Sridhar provided a masterful General Evaluation, which was to the point, observant and concisely delivered  …… just what a good evaluating should be, well done Sridhar

The meeting concluded at approx. 9.10 pm which I believe was reflective of everyone maintaining an awareness keeping to a tight time frame.

This is my last my last Wrap until I return from Europe in 5 weeks time, hopefully with a fully healed knee.

So until then, Good luck and Good Speaking,


“Werribee Toastmasters is not a destination, it is a journey to be enjoyed”